Fusing glass, sharing strength, giving hope: The Glass Ribbon Project

Hold a Glass Ribbon Event

Would you like to plan a Glass Ribbon event? You'll find we are really easy to work with and are always ready to answer any questions you might have. The steps to planning an event are outlined below.

Step 1: Talk to us!  If you are interested in hosting a Glass Ribbon Project, we can help you get it set up.  We’ll be happy to supply you with additional materials and ideas. Give us a call at 301.493.5577 or email us at info@glassribbon.com. Suzanne - Production, Ginny - Project Manager, or Hamilton - Marketing will be happy to answer your questions.

Step 2: Choose a community.  For example, your group could be your sisterhood, an informal group of family and friends, or an intergenerational group from your synagogue.  It doesn't matter who you choose to participate, but larger groups tend to be more successful.

Step 3: Decide how you’d like to set up your project.  Your project can be customized to meet your needs.  For example, you might make pink-glass Judaic items for participants to purchase, or to be put into the Woman of Valor collection;  make an item to support a friend or loved one in need; or create a fundraiser for your group or another community. 

Step 4: Choose a product.  What treasured objects would your group like to help create?  You can view items in the Woman of Valor Collection here.

Step 5: Place your order for your materials for your free event.    An order form can be downloaded here. To ensure we are able to get you all the needed material in plenty of time for your event we ask that you give us a two week lead time so please schedule your event with that in mind. The turn around time for any purchased finished work is also about two weeks. At this time we also ask for a deposit of $36 as well as a signed copy of the event agreement. This covers material preparation, shipping the materials to you, shipping the materials back, and shipping any purchased finished items back to your group.
Step 6: Publicize your event.  We can work with you to produce a promotional flyer, or you can design your own. Access promotional images and sample flyers here along with all needed paperwork. 

Step 7: Hold your event.  It usually works best to designate a contact person to coordinate your order, make sure materials such as Elmer’s Glue are ready for the event, and handle shipping after the event.

Step 8: Complete your items. After your event, ship your completed mosaics back to our studio where they are fused and finished.  For any items that were ordered for purchase, the glass mosaics are affixed to our metal sculptures to create a beautiful, personalized piece of Judaica.  Any items that were purchased are returned to the original shipping address unless otherwise notified.  Enjoy your Judaica, or give as a gift, and know that you done a mitzvah by joining the fight against breast cancer!