Fusing glass, sharing strength, giving hope: The Glass Ribbon Project

Project Resources

Below are some downloads we hope will be helpful in promoting your event. If you're looking for something you can't find, don't hesitate to contact us.

Product Sheet

Sample Flyer


This sheet has a brief writeup about the program and pictures all available products along with their sizes and your cost on them. Download a sample event flyer. This one was created by our first free Glass Ribbon participants at Temple Beth El in Yeardly, PA. Download hi-res images of all the Glass Ribbon items along with logos and other images you may find useful in promoting your event.
Product Flyer Glass Ribbon Flyer Download Images


Order Form


This disclaimer needs to be signed and sent back to us before your event. It basically says that you agree to be safe during your event and that you will send the materials back to us.

This is the order form for your event. You can specify any particular items you are interested in here. The prices listed are your cost - 25% off our retail price. These instructions will give you all you need to know about holding your event.
Glass Ribbon Disclaimer Glass Ribbon Order Form Glass Ribbon Setup Instructions

Customizable Pre-Order Form

Example Detail Plan

You can easily edit this form to suit your needs and pass it out in advance of your event for anyone who would like to purchase an item made at the event. You can submit pre-orders along with your attendance estimate about 2 weeks in before your event date so that we are sure to send you all your needed mateials. Congregation B'nai Emet used the Glass Ribbon Project in conjunction with a breast cancer awareness event they held. This document was used to organize the whole event and shows clearly what needed to be done with details. While obviously it won't be the same for you, if you are thinking about using our project in a larger program, this is a great outline from someone who did just that that can serve as inspiration.  
Customizable Pre-Order Form Event Plan